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Testamentary Trusts: The Best of Both Worlds

Navigating Estate Planning: Testamentary Trusts Offer a Unique Advantage When planning your estate, the array of choices can seem daunting. Some advocate for the flexibility of a revocable living trust, while others uphold the traditional will for its straightforwardness. Yet, a strategic blend of both—a testamentary trust—might just offer the perfect balance of control and protection for your assets and
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IRS Adjustment for 2024

IRS letter and check image
The Internal Revenue Service this month announced the annual inflation adjustments for more than 60 tax provisions for tax year 2024, including the tax rate schedules and other tax changes. Some of the important changes for estate planning include:– Estate/Gift Tax Exemption: $13,610,000, increased from $12,920,000– Gift Tax Annual Exclusion: $18,000, increased from $17,000– 37% Tax Bracket for Estates and
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Third-Party Supplemental Needs Trusts

If you want to provide for a loved one who is disabled or has special needs when you are nolonger here, care must be taken to ensure that the inheritance you leave will help rather thanharm your loved one. An inheritance received outright could negatively impact your loved one ifhe or she is currently receiving government aid or benefits or
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